a love marriage is a union entered by two individuals entirely on the basis of love and mutual affection.

love marriages have spurred considerable social shifts by challenging notions of privilege. from the loving case, which struck down laws banning interracial marriages, to the more recent same-sex ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, marriage has been used as a tool to simultaneously highlight and undermine discrimination.

under the current administration, a violent hierarchy of human value is being reaffirmed, marginalizing and maligning immigrants, specifically immigrants of color.

i want to celebrate the power of love, romantic, sensual, carnal, intimate and nurturing, as a rebuttal to the current anti-immigrant regime.

i hope these dinners help love happen, and these newly formed loves can change the material circumstances of vulnerable immigrant folks. to be sure love is not a panacea for structural violence, but at least it feels good, and we could do with some good.